Word for 2014

The Year of “The Open Door”

1 Corinthians 16:9, “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

The year of the Open Door will be filled with opportunities.

These opportunities will look strangely like, oppositions.

The Good news is, I believe that many of the Storms or

oppositions that we will be stepping into, will not be, primarily the church or church leadership.  I believe that the shaking that has visited the house of the Lord is over, for the most part.  By the way what I am referring to is the worldwide shaking that has been going on, in the body for years, is finally concluding.  I am sensing that the time of making internal reparation is over and it is now time to make advancements.  The time of personal Renovations is coming to a close and the time of Advancing & Occupation is upon us. (As I am writing this down it is still the year of, “The Harvest” and according to the most widely accepted, Gregorian calendar, it is 2013.

According to the Hebrew Calendar as of September 5, we entered into the year 5774 or as the Israelis will refer to it as, Ayin Dalet. 

The last two years, as the Lord has been sharing some prophetic insights and direction for the coming year, I have been led to receive some direction from the Hebrew Calendar. 

Just quick review:

When reading the Hebrew Aleph-bet, you read them, numerically, pictorially & as a letter.

Last year was 5773 or Ayin Gimmel, which interpreted as, Ayin=vision or sight & Gimmel=Camel.)

A statement I heard different times this year is that the camels are coming. Camels were the tankers or land ships of the past. They are the ones that would transport wealth in caravans. God has been showing people wise, witty and ingenious Ideas of

how to bring wealth into the Kingdom to establish the covenant in the land.

His favour has been such, that people have been harvesting

where they have not even sown and people have been harvesting treasures in unlikely places of darkness. I don’t think that we will stop taking Harvests this coming year matter of fact I think it should increase. I believe what many preachers have been declaring for about 15 years, is about to hit it’s maximum potential and the wealth of the wicked will begin to transfer into the hands of the righteous.

You will hear these words Window, Doors, Gates & Portals, 

more this year than any other time:

(We are entering into the year according to the Jewish calendar of 5774. Which is called Ayin Dalet. Ayin is the 16th letter of the Jewish Aleph-bet and has a numerical value of 70 and it also represents vision, pictorially. Dalet is the 4th letter and means door. Dalet pictorially looks like, a man hunched over. The strength & prosperity of (Gimmel or 3) the Camel is to help Dalet, the hunched over man.

As I mentioned last year that the way the Jewish Calendar works, is that every 7 years of a 19 year cycle is called a pregnant year where instead of 12 months, it actually has 13.

We are coming out of the year 5773 (2012/2013) and entering into 5774 (2013/2014) which has 13 months. This year shall be pregnant with opportunities.)

What God has been doing, in the realm of revelation, restoration, impartation and acquisition, and is about to do in the remainder of this year, is to prepare us for what is about to transpire.

Beyond the wealth acquisition, in this year of The Open Door, I

believe opportunities will be made available, not as much for

ourselves as much as a demand will be put upon us to become,

answers to this realm.

What you have been walking through or growing up in, is giving

you the authority to walk into the Portals of Glory that are being

opened up to you into the Kingdom of God.  John 17:15 shares

with us that Jesus doesn’t want the Father to take us out of this

world, but He wants the father to keep us in the midst of all the

chaos and grow up big and display the Glory of God in plain sight to be a witness, by power, that Jesus has been resurrected from the dead, according to Acts 4:33.

According to Isaiah 60, we as ambassadors form the 3rd heaven are about to shine like never before and according to the level of which we allow the King of Glory to come up, in and through our lives is the level of influence we shall have in the marketplace.

Marketplace is where this move of the Spirit will have it’s greatest moments and especially in the places of the deep darkness. Just hear the Word of the Lord and go to the places He tells you, knowing this, that the darkest places is where the light shines brightest.  Whether He’s calling you into the movie industry or working in the slums of the world, He’s about to show up and show off.

2 Peter 1:10 & 11 says, “Therefore, brethren, be even more

diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these

things you will never stumble; for so an entrance (Door) will be

supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

So we need to prepare our lives to handle the weightiness of the Glory of God, that is about to be released to combat the evil of the day.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit raises up a

standard. A standard of what? A standard of what ever is needed to overcome that which the Lord has asked you to step in to and bring order to.

I am a little reluctant to share this next bit because one, I don’t

want this to be to long and people not read it:) Two, I want it to be clear. I do feel, at the risk of it sounding more complicated than I would like, I think it needs to be said.

So finally, one the most powerful prayer in the bible and that

which can sum up all the Law and the prophets is found in Deut. 6:4-5 and Mark 12:29-30.

The first part of the greatest commandment, what the Israelis call, The Sh’ma.  It is the prayer that every Jewish person must say as they are dying. It must be the last thing on their lips.  According to Rabbi Klingler, The Sh’ma is the centre piece of the Torah and so important, that the Sh’ma is marked in the Torah scroll with a special scribal flourish.  In a scribal tradition more ancient than we know, the Torah text enlarges two letters in the Shma:  the “ayin” in the word Shma, and the “dalet” at the end of the word echad.

Ayin and dalet spell “ed”, which means witness. So in other words we are not just stepping into the year of the Open Door, but as we do, we will be His witness’ according to Acts 4:33 which says, “And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.

We are entering into 2014, which will be one of the most

explosive years in the history of man and… it’s going to be


The Kingdom of our God is ever increasing and the gates of hell

are not prevailing nor shall prevail against the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So open your eyes to see the the abundant doorways to walk

through and into biblical portion opportunities with all confidence that you will be that witness showing up clothed in the Glory of God, to manifest His Kingdom here on earth and make it just like Heaven.

Much Love & Looking for great testimonies this year,


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