Word for 2013

The Harvest”

I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel. Isaiah 45:3

The Now/New Season:

As we enter 2013 we are coming into a new/now season called, “The Harvest”.

There will be a great Grace to take a multiplicity of Harvests.

For decades we have received revelation on how to sow, but now the Lord is wanting us to receive the revelation of how to receive, step in and take Harvests. There is a revival and a significant move of the Spirit coming…  A culmination of time, where the former and the latter rain converge once again and the place where the reaper will intersect and then overtake the sower.

This year is when we will begin to reap where we had not even sown.

But… even more specifically and the reason for sharing this word. 2013 will be filled with significant moments of, “Hidden Harvests“.  I will speak more about this, but first I must set the stage.

Hidden Secrets in the Jewish Calendar For the end of 2012 through 2013: As we were approaching Rosh Hashanah this year I began to research what year we are entering into.  As I did I began to feel a sense of urgency to get prepared for what God was about to do.  Never have I ever felt like this regarding Rosh Hashanah before. I began to look into the meaning behind the year 5773.  My heart began to be even more gripped as I found out that we entering into the year, Ayin Gimel. According to Hebrew tradition, as of sundown on September 16th, the earth turned 5773 years old. 5773 will be known as the year ayin gimel, or ’73. The Hebrew alphabet doubles as numbers giving each character a numerical value.  Since each Hebrew character possesses a pictorial meaning as well, there are layers of richness to each letter/number.  Pictorial dates tell a story, revealing the Creator’s design for that particular year.  5773, is pregnant with opportunities for discovery, recovery and redemption. Ayin has the numerical value of 70 and it refers to the eye, sight and vision. Gimel is the 3rd letter of the Alep-bet and pictorially represents a camel.

We are in this decade of seeing, a time of heightened visions and mysteries being revealed.  Knowledge is increasing not just in the things of the spirit but also in realms of the Soul. Gimel, has significance in the bible because where you see a camel in the Word it usually is depicting the carrier of prosperity (spices, incense, treasure, etc.) and most of the time the camel represents wealth itself.

Seeing the Vision for The Provision:

I believe The Lord is wanting to show us a vision of… “SEEING the modus of apparendie of the prosperity of Jehovah Jireh/Lord our Provider.  The Father wants to show us His ways.  To the children of Israel He showed them His hand and His power but to Moses His friend, He showed Him… His Ways.

So this year we will have the potential to see the ways, forms and carriers of prosperity.  Get ready for Hidden Harvests of wise and witty and even ingenious ideas that will bring wealth into the Kingdom of God… with Intentionality.

With these vehicles of wealth we will begin to be answers to those to whom nothing has been provided.  As society begins to go under, we as believers will begin to go over and become the answer to this world.  We will be able to create and recreate the avenues and be a resource of the Source as Deuteronomy 8:18 comes alive and we understand that God is not just the  candy man handing out riches for lazy Christians with an improper view of the prosperity doctrine, but rather, an understanding that the Source of all has given us the Power to Get wealth and have the privilege, as co-heirs, to establish the covenant in the land.

Supernatural Harvesting:

As I mentioned earlier we are entering into a season of a multiplicity of Harvests because of the great Grace on the natural ability to bring a harvest from a seeding time.  Anything from souls, finances, honor, etc.

God is about to put the Super on the natural side of harvesting.  We will literally, by Faith and obedience, tap into an end time anointing to take harvests that have been nurturing and even gestating for generations.  We are about to Harvest fields that we have not even sown.  We are about to GO in and take Harvests that our ancestors sowed into.  There are people who sowed faithful and got taken out before their time.  No crop has to go unharvested even in the instances, where sadly, some people gave up just before their moment of increase, these crops are still available.  There are innumerable treasures and Hidden Harvests waiting for someone of faith to begin to call them in.

The Best Treasures are Found in the Darkest places at the Darkest Times:

Hidden Harvests of treasure in darkness, hidden for us not from us. The enemy has gone to great lengths to make sure that the year 2013 would be overshadowed with fear. There has been much attention given to the date December 21, 2012 and the Mayan calendar.  Some sudo-scientists, new age cults, news agencies and websites have propagated how the world, as we know it, is to come to apocalyptic end on 12.21.12.  Though we believe this not to be true, it has still caused the spirit of fear to grip many.  We must not allow ourselves to tap into the spirit of this world and begin to fear, for we have not been given a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind. The enemy of our souls has also gone a ahead and made sure that as many people as possible would be superstitious and somehow, someway be apprehensive about the number,”13″.  He has preemptively inserted preconceived notions of uneasiness, apprehensiveness and an overall anxiety about the year 2013.  The Question is, “Why?”  Generally Thirteen is associated with black magic, black cats, being unlucky or superstition. A lot of people won’t use the number 13 for sports jerseys and hotels often don’t have a 13th floor displayed on the elevator buttons. Why?  What is so important about this year and what does The Lord have hidden for us and from the enemy in this upcoming year of the Harvest that the enemy has taken decades and even generations to prepare the atmosphere to be induced with fear.  Why?

In the face of wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, recessions, buyouts, bailouts and terrorism, I want to boldly say to the believer and those that will be led by Holy Spirit, “That The Best is Yet to come!”  Where there is much sin and darkness, there is much greater Grace (enabling power and favor of God) made available.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God comes in and raises up a standard.  As the enemy is being defeated before your face, he also fleeing in 7 other ways. 2013 isn’t to be feared nor is the number 13 itself.  Matter of fact, the  number thirteen is among the holiest of the numbers because it is closely associated with HaShem(YHWH).  HaShem is Ahavah (Love).  The gematria of ahavah (Love) – אהבה is thirteen.  Is thisall just a coincidence?  Or is God truly wanting to reveal something? It seems to that there is so much Hidden in this number that is supposed to be so bad.  For instance, there were really 13 Apostles, because Jesus was an Apostle.  There were actually 13 tribes when you count Ephraim or Mannasah as the 13th.  A young man’s Bar mitzvah is at 13.  Just name a few.

In The Fulness of Time We are Metamorphosing into, “The Solution”:

I have also begun to believe that 13 is a number associated with time and this is why I believe that we are entering into the fulness of time, this year.  In my Mohawk culture we use the back of the snapping turtle as our calendar which has 13 sections representing the 13 moon cycles.

The Jewish calendar inserts a 13th month in their calendar 7 times over a19 year cycle.  A year with 13 months is referred to in Hebrew as Shanah Me’uberet (pronounced shah-NAH meh-oo-BEH-reht), literally: a pregnant year.  What shall be birthed in this year of the Hidden Harvest.

The caterpillar is made up of 13 sections of it’s body and a head. When the caterpillar knows it’s Time to  meta(change) morphoo(form) it will find a hidden place and attach itself and begin to form its pupa.  All thirteen sections of its body and it’s head begins to melt and liquify and become one solution just before the, Metamorphosis.  The body of Christ is reaching it’s Time of metamorphosis.  We’ve been rapped in this pupa and all 13 sections of our previous existence has melted in the dark areas of life.  We are finally coming to a place of submission to Christ and Christ alone as our Lord and by His Glory we are becoming ONE (ECHAD which has a numerical value of 13) according to John 17.  We are becoming the ONE SOLUTION!

Our Time to Shine:

You were born for this year and season.  Isaiah 60 says, “Arise (out of your dark places of pain, misery, despair) and Shine for light has come and the Glory of The Lord has risen upon you… Though there be darkness (all around) and deep darkness on the people (doing and embracing sin like never before, being lovers of pleasure more than their Creator). That the Glory of The Lord will arise over you and be seen on you.  The Gentiles will come to your light and the Kings will also come to your brightness (according to the thickness in which you allow Him to be manifested on and through your life.  Manifesting the Spirit of wisdom, knowledge, understanding council, might and the fear of The Lord, the true answers from the throne of God).  This potential is all waiting for us as a direct response to the evil of this day.

Isaiah 60:4 goes on to say, “Lift up your eyes all around, and SEE:…” vs. 5, “Then you shall SEE and become radiant, and your heart will swell with JOY; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you and the wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.” vs 6, “THE MULTITUDE OF CAMELS SHALL COVER YOUR LAND…

One of my favorite tag lines in this season is… “It’s not time to take off, but it’s our time to take over”.  It’s time for the light to shine bright and the salt to be savory.

Blessings, Favor and have Happy Harvesting New Year!

Barry C. Maracle

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