Merry Christmas 2018

Tammy and I are so grateful for this season of the birth of our King, Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is truly the greatest gift to ever be given! In this season, I am reminded of how the Father set the example of what it is to give extravagantly. The season is not about materialism, but it is a season of giving. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support of our ministry through 2018 and also to update you on the fruit of that seed you have sown into us. 

There haven’t been too many dull moments around our house this year. Our youngest, Abigail, is crafting up a storm. Victoria is training diligently for soccer and working at Starbucks, feeding our addiction with a pound of coffee a week. Caleb has successfully entered the working world, busy advancing his welding career and taking care of the love of his life, Sammy, his socially challenged dog. Sarah is taking over the world in business and traveling all over North America ministering. And finally, Brandon and Aleesha have been in a whirlwind for the past year and a half. They’ve gotten married, settled in Kingston with Brandon now in first year Law at Queen’s University and Aleesha starting a  full-time nursing position at Kingston General Hospital.

Phew! That’s a very brief family update đŸ™‚ As far as ministry, wow! Where do I start? 

In August, I was in New Mexico at one of America’s larger Native, ole fashioned camp meetings. September, Tammy and I travelled to Tennessee, ministering for my spiritual father, Dr. Tony Slay. Home for just a few days, I was then off to Egypt for two weeks, home again for four days, then to Saskatchewan to re-dig the revival wells in North Battleford. Battle for Canada in North Battleford was an historic event. We did 21 meetings in 11 days and we believe Canada was changed! Following this I flew to Dallas for the World Prophetic Council and the World Prophetic Summit led by Cindy Jacobs.

So, how can I sum these meetings up? There were signs, wonders, miracles, words of knowledge, healings, prophetic words and words from heaven. Preaching the “now” word to the people, encouraging, confirming and building up each house I was able to visit. People left full of faith and graced with an ability to hope and dream again!

We are planning for 2019 now, and the calendar is starting to fill up. This winter we will be headed on a Western Canadian tour as well as down to California. God is so faithful and we cannot wait for the things He has in store for the people we are ministering to!

I am very excited for what 2019 holds, so here’s a sneak peak. I see God’s activity in the world and on the world stage increasing exponentially. He is about to enforce many of His judgements. You will see this year, governments that refuse to comply with the timeline of heaven, tumble, where God has divine purposes.

For years preachers have been declaring that the wealth of wicked is stored up for the righteous. This is true and has been happening, but this year, this scripture will take a leap. Get ready people of God, for you are about to step into the F.O.G. (Favour Of God)! The revelation is settling in that a Judgement of Favour has been made on your behalf and the time has come for you to possess the Kingdom! Amen! Stay tuned for the completion of this word regarding 2019. I will be releasing it soon.

Our family has made it a Christmas tradition to give gifts not only to each other but also to those for whom nothing has been provided. God so longs to give love gifts to all His creation, and that’s where we come in! We can be His hands extended. We can put feet to His path. We can be His answer to someone. In this season, can I encourage each of us to pray and act? Ask the Lord for a family or individual that you can adopt this Christmas and bless, and watch as you become a small part of a big solution that God is unfolding. In this, we are salt and light, giving this world a glimpse of Heaven.

You and I are heading into our greatest moments! Much love to you and thank you for your continued support of our ministry and family! 

Barry Maracle

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