Barry & His Family

Barry Maracle grew up on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. He now resides in Belleville, Ontario with his wife Tammy and their five children, Brandon, married to Aleesha, Sarah, Caleb, Victoria and Abigail. Barry and Tammy’s children are 5th generation Spirit-filled, born again believers. Tammy and Barry have been married for 28 years and are involved together in several ministry and business initiatives.

Barry graduated from St. Lawrence College in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. God blessed them immensely and they were able to pay cash for their business by 1999. He ran the business until 2009 when God called him to be a full time minister, leaving the business world for a season. This allowed Barry to travel more extensively across North America and throughout the world preaching the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom that God has ordained Barry to proclaim deals greatly with Purpose and The Dream of God.

Life is not the rigidity of a destiny driven towards as much as it is the fluidity of a purpose fulfilled. — Barry Maracle

Barry often declares that the process is just as important as the destination. Through conferences, churches and good old fashion camp meetings, Barry preaches the Greatness of God’s Dream being manifested corporately and individually. The Power of God with many signs, wonders and miracles are consistently in operation in these meetings.

Barry is ordained as a Reverend, Apostle and Prophet with MMI out of Tennessee under presiding Bishop, Dr. Tony Slay. He is also ordained with Pastor Jeff Johns out of Indiana and Eagle Worldwide Ministries out of Hamilton, Ontario under the Leadership of Dr. Russ Moyer.

Barry has served in several different ministries. Tammy and Barry served as youth leaders at Evangel Temple in Napanee in 1989-90 under Pastor Rick Mete and Pastor Bill Innis. They went on to serve Rev. Kenn Scott at the Living Word Ministry Centre in Kingston, for 4 years. They also served Pastor David and Erica Bowbeer on Barry’s home Territory for 4 years as well. They are now based out of Desert Stream Christian Fellowship, in Belleville Ontario, where Barry operates in the office of the Prophet and where he has helped serve Apostle Kevin Dowling for over 15 years. Covenant and honour has been a key to Barry’s success in ministry as he learned while serving his Grandfather, the late Reverend A.C. Maracle Sr., until he passed in 1999.

Barry’s Two Prayers

First and foremost to know God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and secondly to be the Best father he can be. These two God given passions have caused Barry to understand his calling and election and even though he enjoys and is called to preach to the masses, his passion is for releasing leaders into their maximized potential within their purpose. This is lived out through Fathering, coaching and mentoring many ministers and marketplace people in Media, Business, Family, Religious, Political and other spheres of influence, in culture. Barry is preparing people to invade darkness and be the light that the Creator of All gave His life for us to be.

Barry’s passion and dream in life is to cause your dream to come true. No matter who you are, you have a God Given Dream on the inside of you that needs to come forth. Barry knows that if your Dream comes forth and is manifested in this life than God’s Dream for His Creation is coming to wholeness.

If you can believe… Your BEST days are yet to come! — Barry Maracle