The Dawning of a New Day of Restoration

…what he represented was a modern day parable of Restoration. He was a constant ambassador of Hope in the midst of the storm, because he knew what it was like to out last, then use storms.

Bishop Eddie Long passed away early Sunday morning. I’m Praying and believing for the Peace that passes all understanding to guard the hearts of the Long Family.

His passing was the fuel for this blog.

Many have differing opinions of this man, but what he represented was a modern day parable of Restoration. He was a constant ambassador of Hope in the midst of the storm, because he knew what it was like to out last, then use storms.

I was talking to a well known leader in our nation about restoration and my comment that I made to him stirred a question. “When the Lord redeems He always makes it better!”.

The question that was stirred was, “Where have you really seen this manifested?”.

We can see in the bible so many places where God restored and brought much more.

– Joseph’s story, how he went from the pit all the way to the palace.

– “Where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound.”

– David and Goliath

– Job received more than double back at the end of his life.

– The list goes on and on about people who were restored by the Lord and received much much more!

There are also legal biblical declarations that bring about restoration and restitution.

– Deut. 28:7, “as the enemy is being defeated before your face he is also fleeing in 7 other directions.”

– When the thief is found according to the bible, you can charge him 7 fold.

– and many more!

So I was challenged to bring an example of one who was restored that I knew and received much more.

So when trying to encourage this national and international leader that the best days were ahead of him and that I was believing in his full restoration and to even receive more than before, he basically out of his own pain said… show me the money or talk is cheap, so show me who you know who was restored and received much more? And my answer was Bishop Long.

I don’t know Bishop very well, I briefly met him about 2 years ago, where I told him that I preached Daniel chapter 7 better then him and he laughed and said you probably did, lol:-) Of course I was kidding, he was amongst the Prince of Preachers.

Why Bishop Long? I believe he is one of the first fruits of the Spirit of Restoration that God Long’s for!

Earlier on in Bishop Eddie Long’s life he was a pastor and ran into difficult times and ended up divorced, lost absolutely everything and was living on the streets… Rock Rock Rock bottom!!!

I don’t know the whole testimony and am not giving all of the details but one thing I know is one day he stopped being dictated to by his circumstances and started to believe what the Word said about him and he went from Rock bottom to getting remarried and growing an International ministry with a church of well over 25,000 members.

God wants to restore everything that the enemy has stolen and we need to press into this Revelation of Restoration like we have pushed in for Healing, the prophetic, signs, wonders and miracles. None of these things are automatic. Healing, deliverance and salvation are all things that must be laid hold of. Healing, deliverance and salvation was paid for according to 1Peter 2:24, but we must believe, receive and possess these.

This Grace for Restoration and restitution, must be believed for. The fact is we receive harvest for seeds we sow from God.


When we get restored for what has been stolen. When we command the thief to give us back 7 times more than what was stolen then we begin to exact vengeance on the camp of the enemy and we begin to make his kingdom smaller as a direct result of our restoration.

Seed time and harvest is great. It’s great when we receive 100 fold for what we have sown into the Kingdom, but when we are getting restored and we claim 7 fold back from the enemy, we are actually making the enemy weaker in influence!

Your sowing causes you to reap from the Limitless resources of Heaven where as when you are making demands on the thief you are not only getting your stuff, finances, reputation, marriage etc., back, but you are exacting 7 fold from the enemy. BTW, according to John 10:10, the thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy, is the enemy.

Eddie Long went from living a pretty good life to absolutely nothing to being one of the most influential men in the world… to life consumed with allegations in 2010… to man dying from cancer this past Sunday…

So you’re asking yourself, why Bishop Long then???

Because he was and is still a sign and a wonder of the Spirit of Restoration that we need to be believing for! He fought a good fight and did much with what was restored, I mean much, but did not complete his mission and was taking out prematurely.

Can we bind our hearts together and begin to believe in restoration for our lives, but also for our brother’s and sister’s lives in the Kingdom.

I want you to receive 30 fold right up to a 100 fold for the seeds you sow into the Kingdom, but I also want to see you restored in the areas that you have been stolen from and 7 times more!! I want the enemy’s influence in your life diminished as well!

I believe Bishop Long’s passing can be the beginning of a new season of Restoration coming on the body.

Just some thoughts,



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