Before there was a “was”, there was a God who dreamed about…you!

– Barry Maracle, from his book, Wake Up Into Your Dream

Barry operates in gifts of the Spirit, boldly declares the Word and ignites “the Dream” in the heart of the believer. I know the accuracy of the gift, the intelligence of his spirit and his knowledge of the Word. Yet more importantly I know of his integrity – both in ministry and out.

– Kevin Dowling, Lead Apostle and Pastor Desert Stream

I was immediately impacted by the prophetic gift he possessed and his insight into matters pertaining to the kingdom. God has raised Barry up as one of those who hears and speaks today.

– Tony Fitzgerald, Apostolic Team Leader Church of the Nations

Barry is a breath of fresh air to any Church community and am confident that they would be extremely blessed through his ministry.

– Dr. Tony Slay

Barry’s ministry and the words that he brings are confirmed with demonstrations of the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles. 

– Dr. Russ Moyer President, Eagle Worldwide Ministries

About the Book

How many people have lived and died and not awakened into their God-designed dream?

It’s time to wake up to the splendour and potential of it all!

As you discover the dream, you will understand that you are an answer being delivered…not a problem to be solved.

Within the parameters of the dream lay everything, from the galactic to the subatomic, to you, me, and all the things you long for. As you discover your divinely designed dream, you will maximize your potential as an answer to this realm!